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Cinema history’s first film in Esperanto: “Angoroj” (1964)

As happened in the case of “Incubus”, the 1966 film with dialogue in Esperanto, the screen-writer and director of “Angoroj” (“Panic Attacks”), Jacques-Louis Mahé, angered by the critical and box-office failure of his film, attempted to destroy all copies of … Continue reading

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Incubus 1966 [Movie Script in Esperanto]

Part of human ageing is the rediscovery of youthful passions, but without the passion. One of my passions was Esperanto, an “art-language” (Eo: artlingvo) composed and published in 1887 by Ludoviko Zamenhof, a Jewish-Polish physician. In 1957, at age 17, … Continue reading

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A dream of Debussy / India and other passions

I seem to remember: in the past few days I briefly dreamed of meeting Claude Debussy. India is a great passion, in the best sense: that is, as an energy that brings forth an appetite deep in the soul. There … Continue reading

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