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Tantra Symposium in Rome

On October 17, the Jesuits in Rome will be hosting a scholarly symposium on Tantrism (Hindu and Buddhist) and Christian meditation/contemplation. This will be my first time back in Italy since I returned permanently to our monasteries in California (Incarnation … Continue reading

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Readings on the last Sunday before Christmas

Last Sunday, which was the last one before Christmas, we heard the gospel of the Annunciation to Mary: the Archangel Gabriel comes to her and tells her that, if she consents, she will become the mother of the Son of … Continue reading

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Techno-logic and the Chilean miners

While the thirty-three miners (actually, one of them was Bolivian) were being hoisted up to the surface from the mine chamber, where they had been trapped for 69 days, I had my computer on and connected with the live feed … Continue reading

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Matthew Segall’s Blog

Go see Matt Segall’s first entry on his summer journey to Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy. He writes with great clarity, and his first entry on the travelogue/meditation is vivid with his view of the tainted Gulf of Mexico from … Continue reading

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YouTube channel

You may want to see some videos on my YouTube channel: A single upload does not characterize the thematics of the videos — there is more here than UFO lore and speculation — but rather the sense of openness … Continue reading

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Hello world!

The photo at the top of the page shows the Ashram as it was about 15 years ago. As I learn to work this site, I shall add other images, in line with the title and topic of this blog, … Continue reading

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